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Connor Martin talks

March 17, 2016
Someone stole Con Bro Chill’s dance moves and the band can’t go on without them. The alter ego band of Ohio Machine midfielder Connor Martin released “Dance Thief”, its eighth video, on YouTube on Monday and already garnered over 7,000 views in just a few hours. Connor took some time to talk to while on his way to San Diego to start the band’s  two-week west coast tour.

WATCH: Dance Thief Video

“We were talking about a new video and we wanted to make an easy one this time,” Martin said about the new video. “We had a lot going on and we were trying to take it easy and it developed into a three-month project. It started out as a simple chase scene and then we found out about SoloWheel, which are these great motorized unicycles, and we thought they were the coolest thing so we absolutely had to have them in our video. We knew we wanted to use some bad guys with balloons on their heads which is a little gag we do in our live shows and we also wanted to show our live show. So with those three elements in mind we decided to do a story because stories work better than montage and we came up with the video. It was fun.”

The band is still working off 3D Music, its debut album released in January of 2012 and feels no pressure on recording a new one just yet

“We’re still releasing songs from our first album as people get to know us,” Martin continued. “We’re pretty comfortable just pumping out what we have so far and see if people like it.  We’ve written some new music and we’re looking for a label. It would be nice to keep writing music but at this point we’re just trying to get our brand out there, make videos, play shows, the album will come but we’re not putting pressure on ourselves. These songs were released last year and we’re still working it so that more and more people get to hear it although we do play some of our new songs at our live shows.”

The tour will take Con Bro Chill down and up the west coast with dates in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, but the band has no immediate plans to take the tour over to the east coast just yet.

“We grind it out here, some shows are really good like in Portland last time we played, when we got 400 people to the show and those are really fun for us but sometimes we get only 50 people at a show,” Martin said. “It’s hard for us to come out East to do shows right now because it’s very expensive. Here on the west coast we know people we can stay with and it’s inexpensive and it’s close to home. With the season coming up we’re going to have to put a break on touring but who knows maybe next year we can come out east.”

Asked about how he reconciles the two careers, Martin says he uses the shows and the band to stay in shape.

“I think the two complement each other,” he continued. “Everyone else in our league has a regular day job and this is mine. It’s what I do to try to make a living and I’m very lucky to do something I like. On stage it’s like an aerobics class. I think we practice harder the day before a game than doing one of our shows. With that said I don’t think I will be doing many shows in season because I value being a Lacrosse player but this is definitely helping me stay fit.”

Martin keeps the growth of the sport of lacrosse in mind as he performs.

“On the field I’m Connor Martin the midfielder and then off the field I’m this guy in the Con Bro Chill band,” said Martin. “I purposely separate them a bit for now but my goal is for the two to cross over. I would like for our fans to realize that there’s pro Lacrosse player in the band and make them curious and come to games. Growing the sport is going to be beneficial for everyone and this is my own little way of doing it. I have camps as well where I connect with children to help grow the sport like everyone else but adding this to the table adds another dynamic to growing the game in an original way. Just trying to play my part, it’s a different way of doing it. I really hope people who have never been to a lacrosse game would come because they heard one of my songs and liked it.”

Lastly Martin reflected on his first season with the Ohio Machine that saw him play in every game in 2012, scoring 23 goals and recording seven assists.

WATCH: Connor Martin 2012 Highlights

“It was great,” he concluded. “I ran a lot. I had a blast with this great group of guys. I was really privileged to play with such good men it was really fun. I got to play a new position, offensive middie, and I’m really excited going into this year knowing I will continue to play that position. Last year I thought I was going to play attack and then in my first game ended up switching. I gained a lot of confidence and I ‘m prepared mentally for the season. I’m excited because I had a full year under my belt. It was such a victory for me personally to play 14 games and score some goals and be a real contributor to the team. I think we’re going to show a lot better this season. The draft picks were great so it’s all looking up.”

To check up on Con Bro Chill and find out all information about their west coast tour visit