Information on all of MLL's drafts including: Collegiate, Supplemental & General Player Pool Registration


The 2014 MLL Collegiate Draft will take place on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014.

The event will take place during the 2014 US Lacrosse National Convention in the Philadelphia Marriott's Liberty Ballroom from 8:30pm to 11:00pm.

 It is FREE and open to the public while space permits.  

Media will require pre-registration by clicking HERE

The Collegiate Draft will be streamed LIVE via MLL's YouTube Channel.

This will mark the 14th Collegiate Draft in MLL History.


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For event specific inquires regarding the draft, please contact Kerry Pucillo, MLL Special Events Manager at 617-787-6644 or

For all media inquiries regarding the draft, please contact Marco Rosa, MLL Communications & Marketing Manager at 617-787-6634 or



2014 Collegiate Draft Results


Team Player Pos.  College
Round 1        
1 Ohio Tom Schreiber M Princeton
2 Rochester* Jordan Wolf A Duke
3 New York* Joe Fletcher D Loyola
4 New York* Luke Duprey D Duke
5 Florida Kieran McArdle A St. Johns
6 Denver Jeremy Noble M Denver
7 Charlotte Michael Ehrhardt D Maryland
8 Boston* Scott McWilliams D UVA
Round 2        
9 Charlotte^ Pat Laconi M Loyola
10 Florida^ Joe Meurer D Ohio State
11 Charlotte^ Mike Chanenchuk M Maryland
12 Florida^ Ryan Creighton M UNC
13 Ohio^ Rob Guida M Johns Hopkins
14 Charlotte^ Brendan Fowler FO Duke
15 Charlotte Thomas DeNapoli A/M Towson
16 Denver^ Brent Hiken  FO Stevenson
Round 3        
17 Boston** Rob Emery M UVA
18 Charlotte** Josh Dionne A Duke
19 Boston Austin Kaut G Penn State
20 Rochester Miles Thompson A Albany
21 Chesapeake** Matt Harris D Syracuse
22 Denver Ty Souders  D Lehigh
23 Charlotte Justin Ward A Loyola
24 Chesapeake Dylan Levings FO Yale
Round 4        
25 Ohio Jackson Place D Bucknell
26 Rochester^^ John Locascio M Villanova
27 Ohio^^ Scott Loy M Syracuse
28 Rochester Ty Thompson A Albany
29 Florida Niko Amato G Maryland
30 Denver Colin Dunster M Bryant
31 Charlotte Henry Lobb D Duke
32 Rochester^^ Dan Eipp M Harvard
Round 5        
33 Boston*^ Jack Reilly D Johns Hopkins
34 New York Brandon Mangan A Yale
35 Chesapeake*^ Pat Kiernan D Navy
36 Chesapeake*^ Alex Love A Hobart
37 Boston*^ Erik Smith M Air Force
38 Denver Jamie Faus G Denver
39 Ohio*^ Derek Maltz  A Syracuse
40 Chesapeake Brandon Benn A Johns Hopkins
Round 6        
41 Ohio Steve O'Hara D Notre Dame
42 Boston^* Phil Castronova M Johns Hopkins
43 Denver^* James Connelly D Delaware
44 Rochester Tom Freshour D Cornell
45 Florida Bobby Lawrence D Colgate
46 Denver Nick Fernandez M Princeton
47 Charlotte Zach Losco M Penn
48 Chesapeake Kevin Cernuto A St. Johns
Round 7        
49 Ohio RG Keenan M UNC
50 Chesapeake^^^ Mark McNeill M UNC
51 Boston Phil Poe FO UMBC
52 Rochester Andrew Wagner D Mercyhurst
53 Florida Andrew Barton M Providence
54 Denver Terry Ellis M Denver
55 Charlotte Chris Hipps  D Duke
56 Rochester^^^ Mark Cockerton  A Virginia
Round 8        
57 Ohio Spencer Schnell M Ohio Wesleyan
58 New York Alex Zomerfeld A Bryant
59 Boston Jack Murphy G Fairfield
60 Rochester Tom Lacrosse  M Penn State
61 Florida Duncan Clauncy A Jacksonville
62 Denver Ben Mcintosh D Drexel
63 Charlotte Kevin O'Neil M Villanova
64 Chesapeake Brian Cooper D Maryland
*First Round Trades      
No. 2 from New York      
No. 3 from Rochester from New York from Boston    
No. 4 from Rochester      
No. 8 from Denver from Chesapeake    
^Second Round Trades      
No. 9 from Chesapeake from Ohio      
No. 10 from Chesapeake from New York    
No. 11 from Boston      
No. 12 from Boston from Rochester      
No. 13 from New York from Ohio from Florida    
No. 14 from Denver      
No. 16 from Chesapeake      
**Third Round Trades      
No. 17 from Ohio      
No. 18 from New York      
No. 21 from Florida      
^^Fourth Round Trades       
No. 26 from New York      
No. 27 from Boston      
No. 32 from New York from Chesapeake    
*^Fifth Round Trades      
No. 33 from Ohio      
No. 35 from Boston      
No. 36 from Rochester      
No. 37 from Florida      
No. 39 from Charlotte      
^*Sixth Round Trades      
No. 42 from New York      
No. 43 from Boston      
^^^Seventh Round Trades      
No. 50 from Charlotte from New York    
No. 56 from Chesapeake      

2014 MLL Draft FAQs (frequently asked questions for NCAA athletes)


1.         Q:  When is the MLL College Draft?

A:  The Draft will be held on Friday January 10, 2014 from 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm in the Liberty Ballroom of the Philadelphia Marriott.


2.         Q:  Do I have to fill out any paperwork to be eligible for the Draft?

A:  NO, there is no paperwork to fill out, per NCAA rules.  Only seniors with expiring eligibility after the 2014 NCAA season are eligible to be drafted. Until your NCAA eligibility has expired, you will NEVER be asked to sign any paperwork from Major League Lacrosse or any of its member Teams.


3.         Q:  How do I avoid jeopardizing my senior year of eligibility?


1.  MLL has already taken the necessary steps internally to ensure that your name is able to be considered for draft by an MLL Team.    

2. As stated above in Point #2, players who are enrolled at NCAA institutions are not required to register anywhere to be part of the 2014 collegiate draft.

3.  If you are drafted, MLL will NOT be offering or issuing you a contract of any type or discussing terms of an agreement with you until your NCAA team’s season (including postseason) is concluded.


4.         Q:  Am I allowed to reach out to teams regarding the Draft?

A:  The League office would prefer that you do not contact its member Teams.  Per NCAA rules, MLL’s teams can reach out to you, but have been instructed to not, in any way, discuss signing any type of contract/agreement with MLL or giving any type of verbal commitment.


5.         Q:  Are MLL coaches and General Managers allowed to contact my college coach?

A:  Yes, MLL coaches and General Managers are allowed to contact your NCAA coaches to discuss you.


6.         Q:  Am I allowed to attend the Draft on January 10th?

A:  Yes, invited seniors will be permitted to attend the collegiate draft provided that they assume responsibility for any and all expenses relating to their attendance.  You, your college coach and other members of your Athletic Department will receive more information regarding the process to RSVP to the Draft.


7.         Q:  May I accept any complimentary items from any MLL Team before, during or after the Draft?

A:  NO.   Per NCAA rules, complimentary items would be considered an extra benefit.  MLL teams have been instructed not to provide you with any complimentary items, subject to severe League discipline. If you do receive any complimentary items from any MLL Team, please return it immediately and contact your Compliance Office.


8.         Q:  What happens if an MLL Team or an outside media outlet contacts me?

A:  Per NCAA rules, you are allowed to speak with MLL Teams and various media outlets before, during and after the Draft.   


9.         Q:  During my 2014 NCAA season may I answer questions during an interview about playing in MLL?

A:  Yes, you are allowed to answer questions regarding your plans for the summer.  Since you will not be offered any type of MLL contract until your NCAA eligibility has expired, you should not refer to yourself as an MLL employee or player before your NCAA season ends and you are in fact offered a contract and it’s executed.  You may refer to yourself and speak about being drafted in the 2014 collegiate draft by “X” MLL Team during the NCAA season.


10.       Q:  Will I be able to sign a contact immediately following the Draft?

A:  NO.  As stated above in #3, it is against NCAA rules to sign a contract with intent to play a     professional sport if you are still enrolled as a student-athlete.  Contracts will be distributed       to those drafted following the conclusion of their 2014 NCAA season (including post-season play).


11.       Q:  What happens if I am not selected in the Draft?

A:  After the NCAA season is complete on Memorial Day, MLL will allow all undrafted seniors who just completed their eligibility to register for the Player Pool for a one week period.  After that, teams will be able to select you by using the normal MLL waiver wire process.  Please note there is no such thing as being a free agent in the MLL, so all undrafted players will go through this process.

History of MLL #1 Draft Picks

Year Player/MLL Team College
2014 Tom Schreiber (Ohio Machine) Princeton
2013 Peter Baum (Ohio Machine) Colgate
2012 Rob Pannell (Long Island Lizards) Cornell
2011 Kevin Crowley (Hamilton Nationals) Stony Brook
2010 Ned Crotty (Chicago Machine) Duke
2009 Kenny Nims (Chicago Machine) Syracuse
2008 Paul Rabil (Boston Cannons) Johns Hopkins
2007 Pat Heim (Chicago Machine) Penn State
2006 Joe Walters (Rochester Rattlers) Maryland
2005 Kyle Harrison (New Jersey Pride) Johns Hopkins
2004 Mikey Powell (Baltimore Bayhawks) Syracuse
2003 Chris Rotelli (Bridgeport Barrage) Virginia
2002 Josh Coffman (Rochester Rattlers) Syracuse
2001 Ryan Mollett (Rochester Rattlers) Princeton


Pannell Named Cascade Rookie of the Year

All-Time MLL Collegiate Draft Results

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