Movie Mania Wednesdays

By MLL Communications |  8/14/13 2:00 PM

Movie Mania Wednesdays

Welcome to Movie Mania Wednesday!  We hope you are enjoying your chance to learn a bit more about your favorite Major League Lacrosse players.  Today shines the Movie Spotlight on Denver Outlaws attackman Zack Greer.


MLL:                      What is your favorite movie of all time? 

Greer:                   Good Will Hunting

MLL:                      What is in your DVD Collection?

Greer:                   Dazed and Confused, Bourne Trilogy, Blues Brothers, Concert DVDs

MLL:                      What’s the next movie in your Netflix queue?

\Greer:                   I'm a Red Box guy.

MLL:                      What is the first movie that you ever saw in a movie theater?

Greer:                   Richie Rich or Blank Check, can't remember. Both great films though.

MLL:                      What’s your favorite movie quote?

Greer:                   Anything from Dumb and Dumber... "I just figured she was a raging alcoholic"

MLL:                      What’s your favorite sports movie?

Greer:                   Slap Shot/Youngblood

MLL:                      Who is your favorite actress?

Greer:                   Reese Witherspooon

MLL:                      If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Greer:                   Matt Damon

MLL:                      Who is your celebrity Man-Crush?

Greer:                   Dan Aykroyd

MLL:                      Movie Face-Off – Which do you like better and why?

Greer:                   Caddyshack vs Slap Shot– No Brainer, Slap Shot. Greatest sports movie of all time.

Major League vs Bull Durham– Bull Durham. Easy one, love the Bulls.

Miracle vs Remember the Titans– RTT. Never seen Miracle, sounds boring.

Rocky vs Raging Bull– Raging Bull, Scorcese is the man.

Eight Men Out vs Field of Dreams– Field of Dreams I guess... Would prefer  “A League of Their Own”  though.

Mighty Ducks vs Bad News Bears– Mighty Ducks, next question.

Varsity Blues vs Friday Night Lights– Varsity Blues, easy. One of the classics of our generation.

Kingpin vs The Big Lebowski– The Big Lebowski is legendary. 

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