MLL Announces Skills Competition Participants

7/7/10 11:00 AM

MLL Announces Skills Competition Participants


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MLL Announces Participants in Bud Light Skills Competition

Competition To Take Place At Halftime of 2010 MLL All-Star Game


Boston, Mass.–Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league today announced the participants in the 2010 Bud Light Skills Competition, which will take place at halftime of the MLL All-Star Game on Thursday, July 8.

The Bud Light Skills Competition is made up of three events, the 2-Point Shooting Contest, Fastest Shot Contest and Freestyle Contest.  The winners of each event will receive $1,000.

As part of Major League Lacrosse’s 10th Anniversary celebration, the league will be bringing back past winners to participate in the Skills Competition along with MLL All-Stars and members of the US National Team.

2-Point/Accuracy Shooting Contest:  Each player has 30 seconds to shoot up to 15 total 2-point attempts - 3 balls each located at 5 stations around the 2-point arc - at the goal which will have a Bud Light shooting target on it.  The first two shots per station are worth 1 point and the third shot at each station is the "money ball" worth 2 points.  Shots must score to count and buzzer-beater shots apply similar to in-game rules where if a player's last shot is released prior to the buzzer, it will count if it scores.  The contestant with the most points wins.  The order of the 2010 contestants will be:

  1. Drew Westervelt (USA/Denver Outlaws)
  2. Ned Crotty (USA/Chicago Machine)
  3. Peet Poillon (MLL/Chesapeake Bayhawks)
  4. Spencer Ford (MLL Legend)

Fastest Shot Contest:  Players get two shots each, 10 yards from the toal.  Shots must go into the net to be counted and the fastest shot wins.  The order of this year’s contestants will be: 

  1. Stephen Peyser (USA/Long Island Lizards)
  2. Max Seibald (USA/Denver Outlaws)
  3. David Evans (MLL Legend)
  4. Anthony Kelly (MLL/Chicago Machine)
  5. Paul Rabil (USA/Boston Cannons)

Kelly, Rabil and Evans have all won the contest in the past.  In 2009, Rabil won with a record speed of 111 MPH while Seibald finished second at 110 MPH.  Kelly won the 2009 event with a speed of 109 MPH.   Evans won the contest in 2002, 2003 and 2004 with his fastest recorded time being 109 MPH.

Freestyle Contest:  Players have 2 chances each to go 1-on-1 on eqach goalie of the MLL All-Stars.  Using another player, players or items as props is allowed.  The winner is determined by crowd reaction, so players are encouraged to be as creative and entertaining as possible.  Shots must score to count. Each player will go once in order to shoot on Jesse Schwartzman (MLL/Denver Outlaws) then go a second time each in the same order to shoot on Chris Garrity (MLL/Chesapeake Bayhawks).  2009 Freestyle Winner Brett Queener will participate again this year. The order of the contestants will be:

  1. Stephen Berger (MLL/Long Island Lizards)
  2. Kevin Buchanan (MLL/Boston Cannons)
  3. Chris Rotelli (MLL/Chicago Machine)
  4. Brett Queener (Toronto Nationals)

The Bud Light Skills Competition can be seen at halftime of the 2010 Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game July 8th at Harvard Stadium in Boston, MA.  The MLL All-Stars will take on the US National Team at 7:00 PM ET.  The game can be seen live on ESPN2 and  For tickets visit

About Major League Lacrosse

Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, was founded by Jake Steinfeld and commenced play in June of 2001. The MLL’s six teams began the league’s 10th season of action on May 15th, 2010. The 2010 MLL All-Star Game will take place on Thursday, July 8th in Boston, MA at Harvard Stadium. The season will culminate with the MLL Championship Weekend Presented by Warrior, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 21st and 22nd at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, MD. For more information about the league and its teams, please visit

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