The Beast Returns to MLL

March 17, 2016

The Beast Returns to MLL


The Beast is back. Greg Gurenlian is set to make his return to Major League Lacrosse action after a one year hiatus from the league. Gurenlian, who will take the field this season for the Long Island Lizards,  returns with health, a chip on his shoulder and his infamous video camera to capture it all.

A 2008 face-off success story in San Francisco, Gurenlian saw his career take a sharp turn when he ended up in Chicago for the 2009 season. In an apparent shunning by the Chicago organization, Gurenlian was benched and never saw a minute of playing time throughout the entire season. 

The year away from the league brought thoughts of retirement to Greg, who would later decide to go about things differently. “Everything that happened last year kind of left a pretty bad taste in my mouth,” Gurenlian said, “for a long time I was convinced that I was just going to call it quits but I’m really looking forward to coming back.”

A lack of respect for his personality, Greg says, may be behind his 2009 fallout from the league, “ I don’t shoot behind the back. I don’t have long hair, and I don’t say ‘bro’. I’m a blue collar guy who likes to play. I didn’t expect to get a ton of respect, but I think I deserve to get treated better than to go out that way.”

Gurenlian’s approach to the game may be controversial to some, but he is optimistic about meshing with a tight nit Long Island group. “I’ve got to tell you, this team looks to win,” he said, “these guys are training twice a week, they run, they’re working out…it’s a very close group of guys. It’s exciting for me to jump back into a very competitive environment.”

If they share nothing else in common, a general knack for training, competition and work ethic will be enough for Gurenlian to feel right at home. Greg Gurenlian lives for training.   Currently training under professional strength coach Sim Lucien, Greg is proud to report to the Lizards lighter, stronger and finally healthy.

“Sim’s done a great job with me working on things that have given me issues in the past,” said Gurenlian, who played three games in 2007 with a broken leg and nearly all of 2008 with a badly sprained ankle.  Clearly one who appreciates proper training, Gurenlian started his own company to encourage the spread of just that.  His venture Brawlic Strength works to train trainers to think more like Division I NCAA strength coaches and achieve optimal results.

One sure thing about the return of “The Beast” is the return of his video blog. A popular facet of, Greg’s personal video blog keeps viewers entertained, laughing and frequently scratching their heads about his latest antics.  Blog highlights include an interview of Gurenlian, conducted by himself, and a walk through the streets of Philadelphia counting pairs of Ugg Boots.

Greg “The Beast” Gurenlian’s comeback tour will kickoff May 15 th when the Lizards open their 2010 season at the Chesapeake Bayhawks; “The Beast Blog” can be seen at

                                                                                                            - Tim Cintolo