Lax Connection

By: MLL Staff, March 18, 2016

Lax Connection

Lax Connection  is bringing teams from all across the country to New England to face-off against east coast talent and share a one of a kind lacrosse experience with new friends during the 2012 MLL Championship Weekend in Boston, MA.

Home Teams from the Greater Boston area will secure playing fields in their hometown for Friday, 8/24, prior to Championship Weekend.  Here they will host corresponding age/skill level teams from around the country visiting to celebrate the sport of lacrosse and attend Championship Weekend.

Visiting Teams can be from anywhere in the United States, outside of the Great Boston area, who travel in teams ranging in ages/levels from U9 to U15. 

Lax Connection is not an "elite" tournament or made up of "all-star" teams.  These are YOUR teams from your youth programs with kids of varying skill levels who participate in any organized town/city program.  Anyone who loves to play lacrosse, enjoys meeting new people, wants to form new connections, looks to grow the game and wants to witness the final showdown of the top four MLL teams during Championship Weekend is welcome to join the "Lax Connection."