Boston Cannons 2010 Major League Lacrosse Draft Picks

By: Meg Andrews, March 17, 2016

Boston Cannons 2010 Major League Lacrosse Draft Picks



Boston Cannons 2010 Major League Lacrosse Draft Picks

Meg Andrews

Excitement and anticipation filled the Lanman Center at Yale University Sunday night during the 10 th Annual Major League Lacrosse Draft.  26draftees and their families were invited to the draft-pick in the hopes of becoming new members for their favorite MLL teams. The Boston Cannons chose nine players, four of whom are local New England players, to add to the team roster who are sure to bring depth and strength across the field.

Among these Cannon potentials is Duke University’sMax Quinzani who was chosen as the third overall pick in the first round for the Cannons. Quinzani finished out his collegiate career with an NCAA championship as well as 68 goals and 14 assists for the 2010 season.  As a quick attackman, he is sure to put points on the scoreboard as a new member of the Cannons offense. This Duxbury native is excited to be playing for the Cannons.“Its just a dream come true. I have friends on the team and the crowd there is great and people have supported them very well. I just want to be a part of that,” Quinzani exclaimed.Quinzani will not only have to get used to fast-paced MLL style of play, but will also have to get used to playing against his Duke teammate Ned Crotty who was selected first overall by Chicago. “At the end of the day me and Ned are always going to be friends. But when he comes to Boston I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind,” he proclaimed with a smile.

The Boston Cannons also chose Steven Boyle from Johns Hopkins during the second round, also an attackman native to New England . He is equally excited at the opportunity to play for his home city. It’s great to be in Boston being a local guy and playing for a local crowd,” Boyle said. The Cannons are expecting a lot out of this former Blue Jay who led the team with 32 goals and 23 assists during the 2010 season and finished his collegiate career 15 th in the nation with points per game.

The Cannons continued the theme of the night and selected Jim Connolly, a UMASS attackman from North Andover during the third round, and Georgetown midfielder Chris Nixon from Duxbury who capped off his Georgetown career being named Big East Defensive Player of the Year. Connolly, who graduated from UMASS in 2009, is excited to get back into the game after taking a year off. “I’m looking forward to everything. I’m looking forward to playing again and getting back onto the field.”

Nick Tsouris, Ryan Nizolek, Jason Duboe, Kevin Gould, andGrant Krebswere also selected during the fourth through eighth rounds. These players will add depth to the Cannons’ defense and fans are sure to see action from these new Boston players in the near future.

Boston Cannons Head Coach Bill Daye is very excited about what the future holds for the Cannons due to the addition of these new players. “I think they’ll do very well. They all come from programs with Major League Lacrosse style of play. They’ll fit right in with the speed of the game,” Daye confidently stated. 

With bright smiles on their faces as they proudly held up red, white, and blue jerseys, these new additions seem equally excited about the opportunities that await them and their teammates. “I’m really looking forward to playing beside the guys I grew up with again,” Chris Nixon stated.