Movie Mania Wednesdays

By: MLL Communications, May 15, 2013

Movie Mania Wednesdays

It’s that time again!  Time for’s Movie Mania Wednesday!  This is your chance to learn a bit more about your favorite Major League Lacrosse players.  In today’s Movie Mania we shine the spotlight on the Denver Outlaws middie Jeremy Sieverts.


MLL:                      What is your favorite movie of all time? 

Sieverts:              Forrest Gump.

MLL:                      What is in your DVD Collection?

Sieverts:              I can't say I have a collection of DVD's per se.

MLL:                      What’s the next movie in your Netflix queue?

Sieverts:              I mostly watch The Office and Parks & Recreation on Netflix.

MLL:                      What is the first movie that you ever saw in a movie theater?

Sieverts:              I'm really not sure about this, something rated G though.

MLL:                      What’s your favorite movie quote?

Sieverts:              "Why don't you eat up and we'll tell ya" -Dumb & Dumber 

MLL:                      What’s your favorite sports movie?

Sieverts:              Sandlot and Field of Dreams

MLL:                      Who is your favorite actress?

Sieverts:              Rashida Jones 

MLL:                      If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Sieverts:              Tom Hanks, obviously 

MLL:                      If they made a movie about your team, who would play your coach?

Sieverts:              Clint Eastwood

MLL:                      Movie Face-Off – Which do you like better and why?

Mighty Ducks or The Bad News Bears

Sieverts:          Mighty Ducks - Knuckle puck time