Movie Mania Wednesdays

By: MLL Communications, June 05, 2013

Movie Mania Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday…that means it’s time for’s Movie Mania!  Don’t miss your chance to learn a bit more about your favorite Major League Lacrosse players.  Today we set our movie spotlight on the Boston Cannon’s Paul Rabil.  He loves his documentaries and wants to know if you have any suggestions for him.


MLL:                      What is your favorite movie of all time? 

Rabil:                    Gangs of New York

MLL:                      What is in your DVD Collection?

Rabil:                    Tons of films...I've got a massive collection.

MLL:                      What’s the next movie in your Netflix queue?

Rabil:                    Usually dialing in the documentaries on Netflix. Any suggestions?

MLL:                      What is the first movie that you ever saw in a movie theater?

Rabil:                    Jurassic Park

MLL:                      What’s your favorite movie quote?

Rabil:                    "If he dies...he dies."- Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

MLL:                      What’s your favorite sports movie?

Rabil:                    Crooked Arrows!

MLL:                      Who is your favorite actress?

Rabil:                    Jennifer Aniston

MLL:                      If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Rabil:                    Let's get Russell Brand in the weight room and see what happens.

MLL:                      If they made a movie about your team, who would play your coach?

Rabil:                    Mark Wahlberg (because of his heavy Boston accent). Doesn't do Coach Duffy any favors with his looks

MLL:                      Movie Face-Off – Which do you like better and why?

Eight Men Out vs Field of Dreams

Rabil:                    Field of Dreams - my Dad's favorite flick.