Select Quotes from the All-Stars

By: Lena Welch, March 18, 2016

Select Quotes from the All-Stars

Team Supernova


All-Star MVP Kevin Crowley (Hamilton Nationals)

  On the 2013 All-Star Game:  "It was a lot of fun. It's great to play in front of such a big crowd. They stuck out the weather and these conditions. They're avid fans. We're here to grow the game of lacrosse, and I think we did a really great job tonight."


On team Supernova: "You don't really go into these games with game plans. There's such good talent out there that anyone's capable of going to goal and making an assist. I was fortunate enough to be in good positions where I got my goals, and when I passed it to guys they buried it."


On host city Charlotte: "It's great, and it was cool to meet some of the guys. We had a clinic this morning and last night, so we got to meet some of the fans and sign some autographs. It's just a great experience overall."


Jesse Schwartzman (Denver Outlaws)


On the 2013 All-Star Game: "It's an honor to be out here in Charlotte with everyone, all the All-Stars. It's big honor and the city of Charlotte was great. The fans were awesome. The first ever Long Distance Accuracy was really fun. I'm glad I got to be a part of it and win. I want to thank my stick stringer Drew Snider for helping me out there. All in all, it was a good win for team Supernova out here."


Kevin Buchanan (Boston Cannons)


On the 2013 All-Star Game: "Fantasitic. Awesome environment. Great show of talent. Great halftime show. It was awesome, a ton of fun. The folks down here in Charlotte welcomed us with open arms, and it was a great success."


Team Eclipse


Rob Pannell (New York Lizards)


On the 2013 All-Star Game: "It was a ton of fun. It's easy to play well out there with so many All-Stars. That's why they're here. They're all great players, and it's a ton of fun. It's one thing just playing against them, and you don't really get to know them, but when you come to something like this you really get to talk to them and hang out and know the person outside of the team you're trying to beat every week. That's my favorite part, getting to know these guys, and it's been a lot of fun."


On playing against teammates: "It definitely is weird. Brian Karalunas, my teammate, was covering me a little bit there. It's fun to come here and play other people, and I think that's the best part of the event, guys that you don't get to play with."


Tommy Palasek (New York Lizards)


On the 2013 All-Star Game: "Right now it's a little tough to reflect on it, but it's just a nice thing to have all of these guys in town and being able to get together and play. They all play at such a high level, so it's a real honor for me because some of these guys I watched playing when I was younger, in high school, college ball, and some even in the pros. It wasn't the most competition, guys playing and doing whatever they got to do, but it was a lot of fun."


On the All-Star teams: "The other guys are so good that it doesn't really matter what position you're playing or who's where. They're usually going to make the right play, so that was fun."


Ryan Flanagan (Charlotte Hounds)


On the 2013 All-Star Game: "Great weekend for Charlotte lacrosse. We talked about it being the biggest weekend in Charlotte lacrosse history. I think we put on an unbelievable event. The fans had a great time. It was just a really good turnout. I'm happy to be a part of it."


On the youth tournament: "The tournament went awesome. We had 36 teams, filled it up, and everything was smooth sailing. The weather was beautiful, and we'll be back at it tomorrow morning."