Movie Mania Wednesdays

By: MLL Communications, August 14, 2013

Movie Mania Wednesdays

Welcome to Movie Mania Wednesday!  We hope you are enjoying your chance to learn a bit more about your favorite Major League Lacrosse players.  Today shines the Movie Spotlight on Denver Outlaws attackman Zack Greer.


MLL:                      What is your favorite movie of all time? 

Greer:                   Good Will Hunting

MLL:                      What is in your DVD Collection?

Greer:                   Dazed and Confused, Bourne Trilogy, Blues Brothers, Concert DVDs

MLL:                      What’s the next movie in your Netflix queue?

\Greer:                   I'm a Red Box guy.

MLL:                      What is the first movie that you ever saw in a movie theater?

Greer:                   Richie Rich or Blank Check, can't remember. Both great films though.

MLL:                      What’s your favorite movie quote?

Greer:                   Anything from Dumb and Dumber... "I just figured she was a raging alcoholic"

MLL:                      What’s your favorite sports movie?

Greer:                   Slap Shot/Youngblood

MLL:                      Who is your favorite actress?

Greer:                   Reese Witherspooon

MLL:                      If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Greer:                   Matt Damon

MLL:                      Who is your celebrity Man-Crush?

Greer:                   Dan Aykroyd

MLL:                      Movie Face-Off – Which do you like better and why?

Greer:                   Caddyshack vs Slap Shot – No Brainer, Slap Shot. Greatest sports movie of all time.

Major League vs Bull Durham – Bull Durham. Easy one, love the Bulls.

Miracle vs Remember the Titans – RTT. Never seen Miracle, sounds boring.

Rocky vs Raging Bull – Raging Bull, Scorcese is the man.

Eight Men Out vs Field of Dreams – Field of Dreams I guess... Would prefer  “A League of Their Own”  though.

Mighty Ducks vs Bad News Bears – Mighty Ducks, next question.

Varsity Blues vs Friday Night Lights – Varsity Blues, easy. One of the classics of our generation.

Kingpin vs The Big Lebowski – The Big Lebowski is legendary.